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With roots in the cooperative system dating back over 80 years, Ohio based cooperatives Towne & Country and Western Reserve merged to form a new cooperative. Cultiva was asked to lead naming and strategy sessions to determine the next steps for this new venture. We met with their combined teams and lead many strategy sessions, ultimately landing on the name Centerra. Thus began an extensive communications audit, customer and employee interviews to determine next steps and recommendations for the future of Centerra. Keeping one foot in heritage and cooperative tradition and the other in the future, the new Centerra identity was created. Modern brand elements and iconography were crafted for the major divisions of Centerra to work seamlessly with their new brand and identity. We developed a comprehensive brand standard and templates that allow all branches of the company to create collateral pieces that continue the brand language set forth.

Centerra Co-op launched in January of 2017 and have since gone on to develop a new website adhering to the brand Cultiva created for them.

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