November 4, 2014

Letterforms and emotional response

Did you know? Letterforms do evoke different emotional responses and behaviors. While this may not be a new revelation, the implications of fonts utilized in communication vehicles are often poorly understood.

Thoroughly enjoyed this article: The Science of Comic Sans

November 4, 2014

Design is…

Any time relatives or friends ask what we do for a living, I wish they would sit and listen to me explain this entire article to them. “Brand Development” typically means nothing to them, so we instead we find ourselves being polite, and in a sense, lying to our grandmothers,”We do logos and ads.” This is why I loved loved loved this article. It was written as an encouragement to CEOs to understand what design brings to the table, but is applicable to everyone.  Enjoy the read. It’s worth the 10 minute break.



August 20, 2014

Connecting to Your Compelling Purpose

While Cultiva has been strong in our devotion to our clients’ brands and projects, we have been challenging ourselves to reaffirm our purpose—what drives us and and why we’ve had some clients for over ten years. Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing more from us… more sharing of the momentum and value we bring for our clients.

In the meantime if you’re feeling in need of connecting to your own compelling purpose, check out this Inc. article by Lee Colan:

March 19, 2013

A warm welcome to Katie Seitter

We have all read cheesy quotes about the journey being more significant than our destination, but I have to admit that in this case meeting Katie was a perfect example of that. We both attended The School of Advertising Art in Dayton, and with a booming class of 100 we were bound to cross each others paths. It wasn’t until two years, two moves, and two prospective BFA’s at the Columbus College of Art and Design later that we grew close. I admired her illustrative eye and keen sense of simplicity in her design from the start. After placing second in the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Packaging Design Competition, I knew we made a great team.

A couple of years later Katie and I crossed paths again in the professional world when Cultiva was looking for another designer with a fresh outlook. I immediately thought of Katie Seitter. I am thrilled to announce our newest employee and congratulate my dear friend!

Written by Katy Rankin


December 7, 2012

It’s a Christmas card.

Christmas is a time where Christians celebrate the coming of Christ. Cultiva is very blessed and proud to do business with Trupointe, a company that allows the Christmas message to be sent to their customers in a holiday card. To them, it is not just a holiday, it is Christmas and this is a Christmas card.

Trupointe’s brand standard document introduces the principles that guide their company. The very first principle is to “Do what’s right by God.” Well, we think they’ve done just that.

Thank you Trupointe for letting us design your card this year, and Merry Christmas to all!